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Wentao Guo
Wentao Guo

Wentao Guo

  • PhD student in Computer Science
    @ University of Maryland
  • SP2 Lab (Security, Privacy, People)
  • MC2 (Maryland Cybersecurity Center)
  • HCIL (Human-Computer Interaction Lab)

Hi! My name is Wentao (he/him), and I study human-centered security and privacy, advised by Michelle Mazurek. My research focuses on unlocking the power of professionals to protect users' security and privacy. During my PhD so far, I have studied how tech product reviewers evaluate the security and privacy of the devices they write about; how scientists approach the challenging task of de-identifying sensitive data; and how experts tailor security and privacy advice for individuals facing heightened risks.

Previously, I have done research on privacy policy visualization (computer science), deepfakes (history and philosophy), and narratives shaping settler colonialism in the American Midwest (digital humanities).

I am also a climate advocate (currently serving on College Park's Committee for a Better Environment), swimmer, and musician (currently in the UMD choirs).

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